The Hosteller Jaipur is the creme de la creme of the hostels in Jaipur because of a plethora of reasons. We are located on MI Road that is essentially the heart of the entire city where the decor is a tasteful blend of traditional Rajasthani culture and modern architectural elements/ The hostel is equipped with comfortable dorms, big private rooms, sparkling clean washrooms, a gorgeous sun deck cafe, a stocked library, a spacious common kitchen and several generous common areas where a traveller can chill with their new backpacker friends. The hostel is a much-welcomed addition to the Jaipur skyline and is placed right adjacent to the famous revolving restaurant. But even though it is on one of the busiest streets of the city, the atmosphere inside is always homely and relaxing. Almost every famous monument of Jaipur is located in a 3-mile radius around the hostel. We are also in close walking distance to both the bus and railway station. Apart from classy lodging and food, we aim to make the city accessible for all our travellers. The Hosteller is the supreme choice while planning a stay in Jaipur also because of all the unique and unmatchable experiences we provide for our patrons. The hostel conducts daily food walks, city walks, heritage walks, and pub crawls to keep travellers engaged and involved with the city. There is a basketcase full of experiences to choose from that covers pretty much everyone one would want to see in Jaipur. Our flagship Jaipur hostel also proves to be a gateway into exploring the rest of Rajasthan with our authentically curated tours and trips.

The Jaipur hostel will always hold a special place in our heart. This is why the amount of thought and emotion put into making and running this hostel is unmatchable. Experience this city full of old world magic and we will make sure you leave with the perfect pictures and memories.


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PRIVATE ROOM (with bunk bed)




Travel Desk

Common Spaces

Common Spaces

InHouse Cafe

Amazing Nightlife


Trust us when we say every picture you take here will leave all your friends completely speechless. The historical monuments on every side will make every Instagram post worth framing.


Our power-packed travel desk won’t let the adventurer in you sit idle even for a while. Explore Jaipur, Bhangarh, Sariska or take a day tour to the famous Jaipur Forts.

Great Location

Serene, safe & clean neighbourhood with an easy access to all the basic amenities

Traveller's Cafe

Explore The Hogger, a chilled out traveller's cafe, serving exactly what you require in Jaipur to satisfy your taste buds and make you feel like a royal king on a vacation.


Best Hostel in Jaipur

5 5 1
Had a wonderful stay. It's a beautiful property also the location is very convenient. The staff and the rooms are fantastic. It is surely the best hostel experience I've had till now.


5 5 1
Location (3-5 minutes walk from the bus station, 5 minutes from the railway station), brand new, colourful.

Great Rajasthani Interiors

5 5 1
The property is new and absolutely clean, the open space is huge with great music in the evening. The interiors reflect the modern Rajasthan which is interesting. All in all a perfect hostel.


Why Jaipur?


Ranked by Conde Nast as the 7th best city to visit in India, Jaipur is the land of old tales and modern tastes. Though the streets are filled with the chaos of everyday modern life and the footfall of camels and oxen; the opulent palaces and royal halls lend to this city, an ethereal feel. Once inside one of the grand forts like Amer or Nahargarh, it is incredibly easy to forget the presence of the outside world and feel like royalty. Explore a city filled to the brim with the most animated marketplaces. From miniature sculptures of past kings and queens to traditional mojris stitched with golden thread to glamorous lac jewellery – Jaipur’s markets are a one-stop shop for that memorable gift. Stay in Jaipur to indulge in the decadent and rich recipes of traditional Rajasthani food. It is a city that can fulfil any checklist a traveller might be looking for.

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